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Celebrity & Royalty Cancer Victims

In July 2017 during my Stem Cell Transplant I wrote and article called

Cancer Awareness 2017

Ingrid Bergman : "Actress" Breast Cancer 1974 but noted cause of death Hodgkins Lymphoma 1982 Age 67

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis : "First Lady" Non Hodgkins Lymphoma 1994 Age 64

Richard Harris : "Actor" Hodgkins Lymphoma 2002 Age 72

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi : "Shah of Iran" Lymphoma Cancer 1980 Age 60

Hussein bin Talal : "King of Jordan" Non Hodgkins Lymphoma 1999 Age 63

Andy Whitfield : "Actor" Spartacus Non Hodgkins Lymphoma 2011 Age 39

Paul G Allen : "Microsoft Co-Founder" Multiple Lymphoma 2018 Age 65

Aretha Franklin : "Singer" Pancreatic Cancer. 2018 Age of 76.

David Bowie : "Singer/Songwriter" Liver Cancer 2016 Age 69

George Harrison :"Singer/Songwriter" Lung Cancer 2001 Age 58

Bob Marley : "King of Reggae" Melanoma 1981 Age 31

Steve Jobs : "Apple Founder" Rare Pancreatic Cancer 2011 Age 56

Steve McQueen : "King of Cool" Mesothelioma (Rare Sarcoma) 1980 Age 50

Patrick Swayze : "Actor" Pancreatic Cancer 2009. Age 57.

Olivia Newton John : "Singer/Actress" - Breast Cancer 2022. Age 73.

The are thousands of celebrity cancer victims, Wikipedia have them listed in alphabetical order which feels like a very cold approach. Male, Female, Rich, Poor, Young, Old. Race or Creed, it doesn't matter Cancer will not discriminate. One of the most annoying things I know is when people say "It is a very curable type of Cancer" seriously its just the wrong thing to say, there are too many variations, stages, treatment regimes etc. You can Google "Very Curable Cancer" and its beggar belief to see the results.

• Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020, or nearly one in six deaths.
• 2022 From January to August some 7.8 million deaths recorded with an estimated of nearly 11.5 million Global deaths.
• The most common cancers are breast, lung, colon, rectum and prostate cancers.

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"The Impossible Dream"

The Impossible Dream